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College 101: Admissions for Beginners

Is college for you? Is attending and paying for college possible? How do I begin and what steps do I take? If you in high school, are interested in attending college, but are confused about the process, this is the right resource for you. High school college counselors are often not available or are over extended with the number of students they service. Find step by step guidance through the college admissions process starting as early as your freshman year. Your goal is to maximize the probability that you will not only be accepted to college, but that you will be able to pay to attend.

Current Relevance of Gifted Education

The current focus in educational reform is on equal access, which many assume excludes teaching gifted education. Gifted education can be misconstrued as elitist. Others may say that everyone is gifted in their own way, so children should be taught the same. Here we debunk common myths and prejudices against gifted education and explore the benefits to education each child with their strengths and talents in mind.

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